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  • Looking for the discontinued NSA replacement water filters?
    Watercoolerboy offers the lowest prices on NSA water filter replacement models:
  • Tired of lifting water bottles to the top of the water cooler?
    If you could have great tasting water, without the hassles of storing and handling 5-gallon bottles of water, and realize significant cost-savings, would you be interested? Our bottleless water coolers utilize KDF/GAC water filters – the most complete and efficient water filtration system available today. This process removes chlorine, heavy metals, THM's, PCB's, VOC's, and many other contaminants, providing you with high quality, great tasting water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.
  • Allergies got you down?
    Air purifiers or Air Filtration Systems have been around since the late Seventies to reduce indoor air pollutants in our homes. In the old days those products were bulky, very expensive to maintain, not energy efficient and worst they generated lots of noise while operating. Thanks to advancement in technology the next generation of air purifiers are more powerful, consume less energy, dimensions have greatly reduced and efficiency drastically improved. Today's Home air purifiers combine multiple filtration technologies to enhance efficiency and boost performance. The latest products are so well designed that are becoming stylish statements in interior décor for the homes of the new millennium.

WaterCoolerBoy believes that the most reliable source for the highest quality drinking water is with a state-of-the-art KDF/GAC based water filter at the point-of-use or point-of-entry in your home or at work.

There are a number of water filtration technologies currently available and WaterCoolerBoy believes the unique combination of KDF/GAC water filters in our water coolers will provide you with an everlasting supply of high quality, good tasting drinking water at a price that bottled water can't compete with. For example, your WaterCoolerBoy water filter, when connected to a municipal water source, will give you an uninterrupted supply of high quality, good tasting drinking water for approximately 3 years at an average price of 3¢ per gallon vs $1 plus per gallon for bottled water!

WaterCoolerBoy offers only KDF/GAC based water filters, the most cost effective, convenient and highest performing technology available today.


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