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Bottle-less Water Cooler Service

How many times have you felt the need to have a bottle-less water cooler? During the hot summer season, you may need to drink chilled water many times each day. Having a bottled water cooler means you should first contact your water supplier for a bottle and buy a cooler. In short, having a bottled water cooler is an expensive affair. How about a solution that requires no water bottle to begin with? This is where the bottle-less water cooler fits in. Here is how your bottle-less water cooler can reduce your workload:

Easy Installation

The all new bottle-less water cooler comes in elegant designs and shapes. It is lightweight and durable, so you don’t need put extra strength for carrying it from one place to another. It is compact so you need not to find an appropriate place for installation purpose. With an NSA water cooler at your home or office, you will not need to worry about fitting and installation.

Other Features

NSA Water filter is a remarkable filtration system in every way. The system boasts some unique features including the ones listed below:

  • Safer and cleaner water compared to vintage products
  • Contains a sediment filter that eliminates suspended solids and cloudiness
  • The system helps remove nitrates from your drinking water
  • No filtration system features as technological much innovation as NSA’s bottle-less filtration system. for instance, it is WQA certified for ensuring water quality and innovation
  • The system automatically regenerates ions that maintains water quality
  • The auto cleaning and filtration system is much more efficient than reverse osmosis based solutions
  • Thanks to intelligent management system, the NSA bottle-less cooler can balance between normal water and hard water
  • Through its smart cleaning system, you can turn hard water into sweet water

Apart from these qualities, the whole apparatus comes with a limited conditional warranty excluding the accessories. The system boasts a life of 5 years that can be increased through timely repairs and maintenance.