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Chinese Sterilization or O.F.S Technology

O.F.S. stands for Organic Fiber Sterilization. This patent pending filter media is based upon phytopharmaceutical research and is really a breakthrough in air purification.

In English, Phytopharmaceuticals are compounds derived from botanicals instead of chemicals. These filters are composed by an all natural proprietary solution extracted by medicinal plants that have strong germicidal and antiviral capabilities.

The extracted solution quickly starts a neutralizing reaction with molds and bacteria upon contact.

  • Organic Fiber Sterilization GraphMost filters capture bacteria, but advanced OFS technology kills it as well. OFS filters are bonded with a patented media that creates a chemical reaction and kills trapped bacteria.
  • Independent tests conducted by the CHN Center for Disease Control show that the O.F.S. filter killed 97.7% of airborne bacteria in a mid-size room after 6 hours of operation.
  • Test A:Sample registration No. 2003K073
  • Test done according to Sterilization criteria No. 448/1999.
  • Test Method:The sample unit was placed in a 1589 cu. ft room.
  • The natural bacterium present was determined with an Anderson2 grade Air Sampling Machine.
  • Next, the sample unit was turned on according to the users handbook.
  • Then the air was again tested after 1, 3 and 6 hours of operation.
  • The reduction rate was logged and computed based on the initial natural rate. See chart at right for reduction rates