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Is there a difference between KDF/GAC water filters and carbon block water filters?

The KDF/GAC water filter lasts longer and prohibits bacteria growth. The carbon block water filter doesn't keep out bacteria, and must be replaced more frequently, therefore it is less effective and more expensive.
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Isn't bottled water easier, cheaper and just as safe?

Bottled water is much more expensive than a home filtration system, averaging around a dollar per gallon in comparison to less than 3 cents per gallon. It is legal to bottle water from wells, springs and even public tap water which means you could actually be carrying home water containing the same low quality that comes out of your faucet.  In 1990 a test by the Suffolk County, New York Health Dept. found that 9 of 88 brands tested did not meet state and Federal drinking water standards. You'll notice that sometimes you can even taste and smell plastic in bottled water if it has been left at all in the sun. Please note that if water is bottled and sold within the same state, it is not subject to FDA regulations. Bottled water is also not subject to EPA standards like municipal water.
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Aren't my water pitcher filters or faucet-mount water filters doing the job?

You do get to feel great that you're doing something about your water quality but small water filter elements tend to be minimal in their effectiveness except for chlorine, taste and odor. These water filters are also very expensive to use and they need to be changed frequently. And if they are not replaced in a timely fashion they can promote bacteria growth.
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How can I tell if I need to replace my KDF/GAC water filter?

The most common indicator is the reduction of water flow or a detection of a chlorine odor.
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How often should my KDF/GAC water filter be checked for chlorine using the test strips?

You should test your water if there's an odor or different taste present.
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If I'm filtering well water, can a KDF/GAC water filter be used?

A KDF/GAC water filter can be used to filter well water. It is recommended that a ceramic prefilter be added. The ceramic prefilter will require regular cleaning, usually once a month.
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Will the KDF/GAC water filter clog?

Too much sediment in your water may cause the KDF/GAC filter to clog. The use of a sediment prefilter will minimize the potential for premature clogging.
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When the KDF/GAC water filter stops removing chlorine, how do I replace it?

With the WaterCoolerBoy water filters the process takes only a few minutes to do. Once your filter has been installed with a shut-off valve, replacement involves the following:
  • turning off the supply valve
  • putting a catch pan under the filter
  • removing the supply lines (no tools required with our simple quick disconnect feature)
  • remove the old filter
  • install the new filter to the supply lines
  • remove the catch pan and turn on supply line
  • allow water to run for a minute to flush sediments and you are done

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Can chloramine be removed by the KDF/GAC water filter?

First, ingesting water treated with chloramine has not been shown to cause negative health effects. It can pose a threat when used in conjunction with kidney dialysis machines. Second, the GAC portion of the KDF/GAC water filter can reduce the level of chloramines, but it requires longer contact time with the media to achieve substantial reduction. This is more of an issue with whole house applications because of variations in flow rates. Contact us for more details.
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How do I solve the problem of a water leak from the diverter that I connected to my faucet from my countertop filter?

If you forget to put the black washer into the diverter before you connect it to your faucet, you may get a water leak. A black washer is supplied with our countertop water filters.
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Can the carbon in the KDF/GAC water filter become susceptible to channeling?

The carbon granules in the KDF/GAC water filter are compressed, therefore are less susceptible to channeling or permitting water to pass by the filter medium.
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Will iron be removed from my water if I use the KDF/GAC water filter?

Yes, but high levels of iron can clog the filter resulting in a shortened life. The KDF/GAC filter is designed for use on municipal systems where iron levels are not abnormally high.
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