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Testimonial 1 :


I wanted to share my experience with anyone wanting to purchase an under sink water filtration system.


I have a water filter under the sink in my kitchen and never have to even think about it. It was installed about four years ago and is still. providing cold, glistening, non-tasting water. My three cats have learned the difference also. They prefer the "clean" to the chlorine scented water. I also take many supplements in the morning after my shower and installed a water filter in my master bath two years ago to avoid having to travel downstairs to get "clean" water. It's location is so much more convenient as well as saves me time when every minute counts in the morning. As the space under the sink is limited it fits perfectly as it only takes up approximately 6 inches.

I am now looking to put a filter in my guest bathroom to make my guests as comfortable as I can.

I would highly recommend WaterCoolerBoy for your purchase. It's owner, Kevin Lynch, guided me through what I needed in a very friendly and helpful manner.

I am a savvy shopper and have compared costs of what I need and by far WaterCoolerBoy is at the top of the list.

S. Palmer

Testimonial 2 :

have been using Watercoolerboy products for eight years. As a single woman, I love the convenience of not having to crawl under the sink every three to six months to change my filter. My US4-13 is four years old and the water still tastes great. I water my large collection of indoor plants with filtered water. I also own a dance studio, and have a WCB Bottleless cooler for my dancers and guests. With the large cold storage tank we never run out of cold water and never have to lift heavy water bottles. I highly recommend Watercoolerboy products.

Gina Solamino

Testimonial 3 :

We are city apartment dwellers. The water smells and tastes terrible. After carrying heavy bottles of water for years we purchased a Watercoolerboy CounterTop filter. We love the convenience and no bottles to store in our limited space. We also use the filtered water to fill the fish tank and water our birds. Thanks to the owner Kevin Lynch for that wonderful and helpful idea. A fantastic product.

Paula Brown
City Dweller

Testimonial 4 :

We have been using Watercoolerboy products in our home for over a decade. We love the quality and convenience of all the products. We recently retired and travel the country in our RV following the Nascar racing circuit. I installed an undersink unit, a shower filter and an RC appliance filter for the ice maker. We pump in garden hose water anywhere in the country and have clean smelling and great tasting water. No need to “Lug the Jug”. I think what I like best is having filtered ice cubes for my single malt scotch instead of those “chlorine bombs”. Great products and customer service.

Bob Rizutti
New Jersey

Testimonial 5 :

I own a florist shop and five years ago installed a Watercoolerboy IL-9A whole house/business filter. Our plants and flowers love drinking bottled water instead of heavily chlorinated city water which is the equivalent of watering from a swimming pool. My wife insisted on installing the same unit in our house. She loves that all the hot/cold water is filtered. Besides drinking water she loves that the washing machines and showers all have clean water. She washes fruit and Vegies in the kitchen and our cats like it too. Quality products which protect my investment and exemplary customer service.

Bill Schaub

Testimonial 6 :

My wife myself and our two kids are long time allergy sufferers. For the past decade we have been using Watercoolerboy’s Hepa Air filtration systems with fantastic results. We have a "Maximizer Plus" in the family room and our bedroom and the "Fresh Mate Plus" in each of the kid’s rooms. All of our symptoms and suffering our greatly reduced. The air smells clean and fresh and the lack of dust is palpable. Whenever we order replacement filters, they always come quickly and they always e-mail the UPS tracking information to us. We strongly recommend Watercoolerboy Hepa Air Filters.

Peter & Judy Day

Testimonial 7 :

We have been so pleased with our Watercoolerboy filters over the years knowing our family is drinking pure clean water. Even our dogs prefer the filter water and will not drink our heavily chlorinated water.

Thank you Watercoolerboy.

Karen & Ted H.
Burlington Vt.



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Designed to replace the discontinued NSA Model 100S undercounter water filter.

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